Saturday, November 8, 2008

A History Lesson

First a little history to bring you up to date. I am a transplant to the bay area (grew up in Florida) who found herself in San Francisco during the dot com boom in the late '90's. I met Barista Papa in North Beach at our favorite dinning spot Rose Pistola. Then, almost two years later we were married at THE catholic church in North Beach and one year later gave birth to our identical twin girls (with not so identical personalities). Two years and nine months later, we had our son, Green Tea. Barista Papa is is my "fortysomething" full blood (and hot blooded) Italian husband who owns a Caffe' with his parents, two sisters, and brother-in-law. Our days pretty much revolve around the Caffe' and our "caffeine infused" family.

I guess it is clear how I came up with the name Barista Momma. Barista Papa protested about the spelling I chose for "Momma". The Italian spelling is "Mama". But hey, I am not the Italian one, it is important to hang on to some of my all american, mixed breed background! Sorry papa, this one is for me:-)
As for the kids name choices; Double Macchiato earned her name early on. Barista Papa so fondly named her this when she was only a few weeks old. She would often go very long stretches with out napping and had an affinity for the staying awake in the wee hours of the night. Double Mocha was a no brainer too. She has an unrelenting sweet tooth and would do just about anything to get her fix! And then there is Green Tea, our three-year-old with terrible eczema and food allergies (could write an entire blog on this too), who has the cleanest diet ever. No caffiene for this big guy, not that it is really needed, he has a personality the size of Texas (Hookem' Horns!).

So there you have it, us, in a nutshell. . .

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Mama Ginger Tree said...

You do have quite the caffeine infused family, don't you?!

I'm glad you went with "momma" :-)