Sunday, November 9, 2008

Did They Play Today?

When the girls were infants, there were countless calls to the pediatrician. As a worried first time mom, I would call when the girls had a runny nose, pink eye, ear infection, stomach virus, diaper rashes, just to name a few ailments. We loved our doc. in the city, he would promptly call me back and with sincere concern, run through his list of questions. He always ended with, “did they play today?” And, 99.9% of the time I would answer yes. He would say, “let’s watch them for the rest of the day, and I’ll check in with you in the a.m.” As the girls grew and so did my confidence, I would repeat those words to myself if they were sick, and If I answered yes, I would just try to make them as comfortable as possible and know that they would be feeling better shortly.

Today, the girls did not play. Poor Double Mocha was up most of the night throwing up, making sure each time that she kept track of how many times she’d thrown up and asking me when it would stop. She napped all morning, was up for a few hours and back down again. She is usually a bundle of energy and never naps, so I knew she really didn’t feel well. Sofia was feeling well for the first part of the day and then went down hill in the early afternoon. By 3 o’clock both girls were asleep in our bed. I had learned my lesson the night before and had cleaned up the throw up one too many times. So, when Double Macchiato started to feel nauseated, I put her in the bathroom next t the toilet. Barista Papa came home and was appalled to find his little angel in a heap on the bathroom floor. He picked her up and said he would make a place for her on the couch with a pot. I quickly intervened and let Barista Papa know that this was a BAD idea unless he wanted to see the purlple slurpee she drank a little earlier all over our faux suede couch and beige shag rug. I just knew her stomach was brewing up something wonderful. Barista Papa made his choice and had barely set her down when she started to gag and cough. Barista Papa sprinted for the bathroom, but was not there soon enough. He was now wearing the purple slurpee and so was Double Macchiato. She felt so terrible and cried so hard because she had ruined her and her Papa’s clothes. All was better after those two showered and were all cleaned up.

The rest of the evening was spent snuggled up on the couch watching their favorite shows. I finally gave up on entertaining Green Tea and chalked it up as one of those days when we all watched WAY too much television. He was content sitting on the couch too, with his skate board helmet, perusing the Wal-Mart Christmas toy catalogue, and enjoying the endless TV watching.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to share the pictures and story I know we talk most days, but the pictures of the girls suggled up together with thier blankets and Sergio with his helmet really completes the workds. Love you, Mom

barista pappa said...

hi its barista pappa,
love your "blob"!!!
don't forget to use your spellcheck !
ciao ...ti amo

Mama Ginger Tree said...

Oh man, you got hit hard on that one. I LOVE that picture of Green Tea. He cracks me up.

This was a fantastic post!!