Monday, December 1, 2008

Stupid Dad Tricks

This weekend I found myself at the park with my sister in laws, 2 of my twin mommy friends and a gaggle of kids (13 to be exact). It was truly a perfect day. The sun was warm on my back, the conversation was great, and more importantly the kids were having a blast(= no kids bothering mommy). I think I sat in the same spot for 2 hours straight. This was the longest stretch of time that I didn’t have to referee, rescue, negotiate, or discipline. We were all having such a great time and in no hurry to leave, so our husbands ended up joining us one by one. Let’s just say the dynamics changed once the men arrived. . .let the antics begin!

Jay was the first one to arrive with little Raj who had been napping at home. Shortly after, Barista Papa arrived and immediately enticed Jay with his new Blackberry Storm and then promptly pulled up an email or some other application that was definitely not appropriate for the park setting. Frangooch and Big D arrived shortly after. Barista papa decided that it was time for Double Mocha to learn how to ride the bike with out training wheels. He borrowed Jayne’s bike and with the moral support of eight other kids, off she went. It was Double Macc's turn next. Then, out of the sea of kids emerges Barista Papa on Jayne’s bike, guess he thought he needed to show ‘em how it’s done. Who knows. . . we all laughed hysterically as he looked like a clown in a circus act, his knees up to his ears! He took a few laps and finally stopped as I am yelling, “you are going to bend the rims on that poor girl’s bike.” Not to be out done, Bid D gets a hold of his kid’s bike and does some street moves. He decides to ride down a flight of stairs on his kid’s bike. Little L decides he needs to try that move as well, except he is lacking in speed and forgets to lift his bottom off his seat, bumping all the way down, his mom yelling, “look out for the family jewels.” He makes it down, turns around only to see our unsure faces, but immediately raises his hand in victory, so we all cheer for him! Next up is Frangooch. He decides he’ll ride down the flight of stairs, but this time Little L will ride on the back of the bike, taking the difficulty score up a notch. Big D had two more rotations, one with N riding on a cement block fence about 1 foot of the ground and 1 foot wide. That didn’t go over to well with N, so that was short lived. I think the best display was when Big D spotted little Wy at the top of the slide. Wy, at the ripe age of 2, was attempting to ride his scooter down the slide, so Big D thought he’d give a spot and show him the proper way to do it. After the dirty looks from his wife and the rest of the moms at the park, he decided to rethink it. . .

I guess that old saying holds true, “boys will be boys.”


Kirsten / Mama Ginger Tree said...

Oh my gosh, I can't stop laughing. Thing definitely took a different turn one the men arrived. I would say the kid count increased to 16. I'm surprised they didn't start begging us for snacks.

Times have changed though... my @ss barely left the park bench. Remember when we couldn't even finish a sentence at the park?

Triumph said...

I keed, I keed.